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Lowrey Organ Brochures New and Old.

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A-5500 Sterling - Product Information 

Product Guide     Spec Sheet  Owners Guide

New Product

EZ-2    Brochure    Spec  Owners Guide

EZ-10  Brochure    Spec  Owners Guide

EZ-P8  Brochure    Spec  Owners Guide

Contemporary Worship Orchestra

"Distinctive tonal dispositions, a pure pipe organ sound, a beautiful craftsman cabinet our newest entry to the Lowrey product suite is our Contemporary Worship Orchestra series and it's well worth singing it's praises. Contemporary Worship Orchestra instruments are of course made with Lowrey's keen attention to detail, tonal integrity and an uncanny ability to reproduce the authentic sounds of a pipe organ. With the touch of a button, you'll have the world of Lowrey's finest features at your disposal. Truly an inspiration!" is how Lowrey is describing the models.

The New A300cc - The Prelude  Spec Sheet

Owners Guide

The New A4000cc - Tribute  Spec Sheet   Flyer

Owners Guide

Elite Series  Now Includes the A6000 - IMPERIAL Limited Edition

A6000 Brochure     A6000 Spec Sheet     A6000 UK Introduction    Owners Guide

 A4000 The Legend  Owners Guide

A5000 The Prestige

Spec   Owners Guide   Flyer

Intermediate Series

A300 Holiday Classic

A300 Owners Guide

A300I Holiday Bollywood Edition

A200 The Encore

A200 Owners Guide

Entry Level Series

SE5 The Conductor

SE10 The Regency  Flyer

SE2 The Adventure II  User Guide

More Information about Lowrey

Is Available from The

Lowrey Company Web Site 



Retired Products

Palladium SU630

Limited Edition Model

 Stardust SU530

SU530 (Long)

 Performer SU430D  12/2007

Sensation SU430 4/2006

Grand Royal SU600

Limited Edition Model

Royal SU500 Spec Sheet

SU500 (Long)

Rhapsody SU400

Lagacy SU300

 Millennium LX2000

Limited Edition Model

Majesty LX510 

Majesty LX510D Deluxe

Celebration LX500 

 Promenade LX400

Premier SE30

Odyssey SE20

Century LC50

Director LC/35

 Fiesta  LC/25

Voyager LC/7  12/2007

Carnival  LC/15  12/2007

Adventure LC/1  12/2007




Product View


NT400  Heritage

NT300  Holiday

GX  GX Consoles

G201  Genius 200 Series

G160  Genius PCM

G100  Genius

M325  The Jamboree

D325  Holiday

D350 Holiday Deluxe

M300  The Jamboree

MX-1  D600

D575  Cotillion

L100  The Carnival

TGS-1 Symphonic Holiday

C300  The Promenade

L60  The Debut

TGO-1 Orchestral Holiday

 The Wandering Genie 

The Magnificent Sound

Product Ad from England 1970's 


Symphonic Theatre Console


Citation Theatre Console


Citation Theatre Spinet 


Theatre With Genie

TLOKS-25 Holiday Console

TLO - Holiday Deluxe

TLOKS-A Holiday With Genie

TLOK Holiday Deluxe

Holiday Deluxe Postcard


Venus With Genie


Saturn Deluxe


Super Genie

ICG-1A Genie

TG  -  Teenie Genie

IC44K-1A  -  Jupiter

IC44AR-1A  -  Neptune

ICA-1  -  Satellite

IC - Satellite

The Lowrey Guarantee

Concert Organ - CH32-1

TBO-1 - Berkshire Deluxe

TP-44  -  Lowrey Hilton

TSO-25  - Lincolnwood Deluxe

TS88 -  Lowrey Tempest

HR-88  -  Theatre Spinet

H25R-2  -  Theatre Console

HR-10  - Theatre Deluxe Spinet

EPOR  - Electric Piano & Organ

1970's Lowrey Demo

 1960's Produce View

Jack Cookerly

MX-1 Album Registrations

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